Robotics is for Everyone!
Team members are needed: business, robot design, software, social media and outreach
PCHS at Worlds!
Team 5667 the Robominers made it to the Jemison Division Finals at FTC World Championship in Houston!
PCHS FTC is growing!
Park City High School fielded 6 Robotics Teams for 2015-2016 FTC Res-Q Season
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Our Sponsor: PCEF

The Park City Education Foundation is our main sponsor. Robotics club members also raise money by reaching out to local and national businesses. Parents are also an important source of funding for robotics. Click here to learn more!

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  • Robotics is for Everyone!
  • PCHS at Worlds!
  • PCHS FTC is growing!
  • PCHS Robotics: Join Us!
  • Our Sponsor: PCEF

The Challenge for this year: FIRST Relic Recovery

We are excited about this year's challenge, announced September 9th, 2017.

Here's the video from FIRST:

Game Manual Part I covers general rules, and can be found HERE.

Game Manual Part II covers game specific rules and can be found HERE

FTC Relic Recovery Scoring Summary

Scoring Achievement Autonomous Points Driver Controlled Points End Game Points** Reference
One Jewel remains on the platform
30 Points
- In Zone 1
- In Zone 2
- In Zone 3
- Upright Bonus
- - 10
- Scored in Cryptobox
- Cryptobox Key Bonus
- Complete Row of 3
- Complete Col of 4
- Completed Cipher


10 per Row
20 per Column
30 points
1.5.2 and 1.5.3
Robot Parked
- In Salfe Zone
10 -
Robot Balanced - 20

**The End Game occurs during the last thirty seconds of the Driver-Controlled Period.

  • Tuesdays, 2:40 pm, Robotics Room/Library: Weekly primary team meeting.
    Who?All club members
    What?General information meeting + robot work
    When?After school 2:40
    Where?Robotics Room
  • Fri-Saturday, December 15-16 Park City FTC Qualifier


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What do we do?

PCHS Robotics participates in FIRST Tech Challenge, an international competitive robotics program

To learn more about FIRST Tech Challenge and other FIRST Robotics Programs, click here.