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We are the people that can do the robot

Important Messages

Hello Everyone on the team! I would like to inform you that we may be short a person for 3/4 of the time we are working on robotics. I am refering to Kelton as he will sadly not be here on some of the time due to theater. Another piece of important information is that we are going well on the prototype and I would like to know who can come on Tuesday, because it is hard labor and have run into a couple of minor delays. Because we really need some more helping hands on the bot. I also want to make the statment that people need to take turn doing the engineering notebook, so we will have a rotation. It will go along these lines: Yake, Beb, T-Yay, KeelTON and then Toomuloos. So just contact me either through my modes on whatever needs to happen.