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For the 2021-2022 Freight Frenzy Season, 5667 Robominers was the Utah Championship Winning Alliance Captain (WAC). Robominers advanced to the World Championship in Houston, Texas, becoming the highest ranked 2-person team in the world, winning 6 out of 8 matches, and placing 29 out of 80 worldwide teams in the Franklin Division.

At the Utah Championship, out of 36 teams competing from Utah and Idaho, four Park City teams made it to the semifinals then three Park City teams advanced to the finals and, finally, two Park City teams won: 5667 Robominers and 8280 Calamity!
  • 5667 Robominers (Zerin Robertson & Tavian Robertson) – Winning Alliance Captain, Innovate Award 3rd Place, State Scoring Record, and Competed at the World Championship
  • 8280 Calamity (Gavin Strazdins, Dante LaBelle, Porter Schmidt & Santiago Larrea) – Winning Alliance Second Pick and Think Award 3rd Place [PCHS rookie team]
  • 10695 Theta Robotics (Evan Ayers & John Vazquez) – Finalist Alliance First Pick
  • 12351 Nuclear Minds (Jaron Ginn, Chris Drury, Luke Stocker, Tanner Pidwell, Micah Bloomberg & Max Gordon) – Finalist Alliance First Pick [TMJH rookie team]
  • 12376 Yolk (Ryan Su, Nathan Drury & Alexander Kent) – Design Award and Control Award 3rd Place

In the 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal Season, four Park City teams claimed the World Records for first and second place alliances for traditional in-person qualifiers:

>>> YouTube Video: 376 Points World Record <<<
    • 12351 Nuclear Minds (Jack "Ivy" Giebe, Brayden Drury & Jake Stocker)– Alliance Captain
    • 16896 Black Forest Robotics (Colorado)
    • 18253 Beach Bots (California)

>>> YouTube Video: 369 Points World Record <<<
    • 5667 Robominers (Zerin Robertson & Tavian Robertson) – Alliance Captain
    • 12376 Yolk (Ryan Su, Nathan Drury & Alexander Kent)
    • 10695 Theta Robotics (John Vazquez)